martes, 12 de febrero de 2008


Emergency: Santa Claus trapped in chimney. Christmas will lively canceled

As soon as I heard it, I knew I would have to do something and do it fast. I quickly gathered my gear and headed out the door.
When I went out, I went to George’s house. George is my best friend and he’s a special friend: George’s a goblin and he’s employed at Santa’s workshop.
When I arrived at his house, I started telling him about the problem. He was very nervous.
We started thinking about a solution to solve the problem.
Two hours later, George had a fantastic idea: he phoned all his friends who are goblins and who work at Santa’s workshop, too.
When all the goblins were together, they started putting a lot of things in a box: a feather, a jokes book…
George told me they had a fantastic solution, but he couldn’t tell me it, so I was very intrigued.
Then, the goblins and I went to the house where Santa was trapped in a chimney.
The entire city was there! Poor Santa!
The goblins climbed up the roof while George was preparing a special operating theatre in the chimney to remove some fat from Santa’s bell.
To do this, a goblin took the jokes book and he started to tell Santa some jokes.Another goblin, took the magic feather and he started to tickle Santa.
They must make Santa laugh!
Ten minutes later, Santa started laughing a lot!
So Santa escaped from the chimney thanks to the movements that he did when he laughed.
I was astonished! I didn’t know what was happening! It was incredible!
That night Santa gave all the presents to the children and everybody was happy.
Thanks to this experience, I’ve discovered that Christmas is a special period of the year: it’s being happy and always laughing, like Santa.


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